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Indoor Lacrosse Rules & Regulations    

Tradition Lacrosse

2018/19 Winter Indoor League 

 RULES & GUIDELINES (new ones in bold-italics):


FANS/CROWD…. There is limited space in the field house and the dome. It is crucial that people not go in the field dome more than 10 mins before your game time and leave immediately after. There will be very limited access in/out of the dome while a game is in progress.


GAME STARTS…. Gear up and stretch well before gametime. The clock will start at 5 mins after the hour, whether players are ready or not. Halftime will be 2 mins. Teams must have a responsible-adult coach each week.

OFFICIALS…. Parents/fans/coaches (and of course players) are not permitted to hassle the refs and will be warned, then ejected for a second offense. If it occurs at or near the end of a game, the ejection will be for the following week as well. Judgment of officials.

PINNIES…. Make sure you have your own white/dark-color reversible. No weird patterned (confusing) jerseys allowed. I have a few at cost if you need one, but let me know in advance of the season.

ADDITIONAL RULES…. We will call over-and-back, like last year. Limit of 2 long sticks on the field at any time. 

CONTACT…. This is a no-body-checking league. Also, play defense with your feet, not your sticks. 

SIDELINES…. No checks/pushes are permitted along the sidelines, even if they might be legal. It is too dangerous with soccer goals, fans, players, benches etc close out of bounds. They will be penalized as personal fouls or, if not flagrant, just change of possession. Judgment of officials.

PENALTY-EJECTIONS…. Any player who gets 4 minutes of personal foul penalty time will have fouled-out for the rest of the game. Players involved in fighting or other egregious behavior will be ejected from the game, and suspended for an additional game. Any player who is ejected twice from games will be ejected from the league, and there will be no refunds if that occurs.

OVERTIME…. No overtime, unless in the last weeks of matchup games, if time permits. In the final playoff games, we will do a 3 min OT period.

FACE OFFS…. We will face off anytime the score is within 4. Otherwise, the ball will be whistled in with possession by the goalie or defensive squad after a goal by the team in the lead, unless the losing team wants to continue facing off. This provides much more playing time, while still giving faceoff players some work. If differential gets to 7 or more, it will be a free clear; defense ball at midfield.

SUBSTITUTIONS… all are made on the fly (unless there is a quick change prior to a face off) and leaving the box early will result in a too-many-men foul called by the table official (me).

FOOTWEAR…. No field cleats, only turf nubs or flats (sneakers). 

REMEMBER, this is winter league, not the NCAA playoffs! Winning or losing does not carry any weight in the real season, next Spring. So, please, be cool, keep it clean and have some fun. 







High School Girls Lacrosse 

2017 Winter League

Indoor Rules

1.  Each team will play 1 hour per week divided into 2 25-minute halves.  Half-time will be 5 minutes between halves.


2.  Each team must be ready to play promptly at the start time.  The clock will begin to run when the game is scheduled to begin.  There will be no overtime or make-up games.


3.  Each team is responsible for $25 per game in cash paid directly to the official before the start of each game.  If a team forfeits, both teams are still responsible for the payment of the official for that hour.  The non-forfeiting team will have rights to the field for a scrimmage if they choose.


4.  Clock will run continuously.


5.  Each game and 2nd half will begin with a draw.  After each goal, there will be a goalie/deputy clear.


6.  7 field players and a goalie will be allowed on the field at one time.  If neither team has goalies, they will still only be allowed to have 7 field players.


7.  If a team does not have enough players to field a team, they may have guest players from another team, and if not, the opposing team does not have to play short, unless agreed upon by both teams.


8.  There must be at least 5 players present for the team that is scheduled to play (not including guests) or that team will forfeit the game.  The game may still be played but the opposing team gets the win.  In the event that less than 5 players are available to play (team members and guests) in the game, a game will not be played.


9.  Subbing is on the fly.  Player must be off the field before sub is allowed to enter.


10.  Only 5 players from each team will be allowed to cross the restraining lines on either side of the field.


11.  2 passes must be attempted in the offensive end (past the line at midfield) before a shot on goal can be made.  If a shot is taken, and 2 passes have not been made, it will be a free position for the goalie/deputy.


12.  Standard high school checking rules will apply.


13.  Consequences for penalties that result in yellow or red cards will follow the same protocol outlined in the high school regular season rules.


14.  If a player or coach/parent receives a red card for misconduct, it shall be reported to league supervisor, and that person may not participate in or attend the next scheduled game.

- These are paid high school officials, who have full understanding of the rules and regulations, so their decisions are final.   No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated towards these officials, coaches, or players.  This includes all staff and facilities associated with Eurosports Center.


15.  All players must sign a Waiver release form to participate. 


16.  All players must provide their USLacrosee Membership number in order to participate.


17.   Goggles and mouthguards are required at all times for all players.


18.  No jewelry is permitted.


19.  Only turf shoes or sneakers may be worn on the field.  NO CLEATS!!

 20.  Goalies must wear all protective gear, as required by high school regulations.  If a team does not have a goalie, a target is available for use.  However, we would like to eliminate the need for targets and provide an environment for fair competition. 



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